About AzFF

This is for Arizona.

The list of exceptional technology companies started or headquartered in Arizona has slowly but steadily grown since our state’s formation in 1912. But our locally-led capital sources have not kept pace with our deal flow, exposing an unnecessary gap in early stage institutional funding for these key economic growth drivers of the Valley. The Arizona Founders Fund is on a mission to close that gap, helping our community’s pioneers of innovation build lasting enterprises. From day one.

To start and scale enterprises, founders need capital. But just as importantly, founders need other founders to join alongside and follow through the process of building those companies. Counsel, referrals, and dig-deep, hands-on support from successful past and present founders is a key part of the strategic value we deliver. In other words, we are more than a seed stage venture capital fund — we are a network of locally-minded founders committed to building world-changing companies.

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We will meet every Arizona-based technology startup raising or expecting to raise a seed stage round of financing. We are the first round of capital, writing checks between $50,000 and $400,000. If you are a founder on that journey, we want to meet you.